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Aleva Stores Adds Thorlos to its Inventory

One of the most popular sock brands around, Thorlos, can now be found on Aleva Stores websites such as &

The full line of Thorlos socks is the latest addition to the always growing inventory at Aleva Stores. By bringing in Thorlos, more running, hiking, winter, basketball, dress and plenty of other socks will be at the disposal of visiting consumers.

Thorlos have grown wildly popular and known for their fat pad protection. Thorlos socks protect fat pads from shearing forces by transferring these forces from fat pads to the cushion fabric, where fat pad degradation has already occurred. Thorlos’ engineered fabric helps replace the function of the natural pads. Put Thorlos on your feet and you’ll find yourself having a more natural environment inside your shoe.

The addition of socks for the 30-plus activities Thorlos has to offer is just another reason is the go-to spot for all things socks.

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