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Aleva Stores Adds Swede-O Products to
Inventory for Aleva Stores’ braces and supports store, DocOrtho, continues to grow as Swede-O products are the latest addition to the online store.
Swede-O is recognized as a worldwide leader in providing innovative products designed to prevent or rehabilitate ankle-related injuries. They have also expanded their product offerings to include orthopedic supports for almost every part of your body.
What’s remarkable is Swede-O was founded out of a garage in 1981. The company’s founder, Marvin Nelson, started out with just one product – the Ankle Lok. The Ankle Lok is the most popular lace-up style ankle brace in North America.
As Swede-O grew, they realized not everyone’s ankle and/or injury is the same, so 12 different styles of ankle braces were developed to suit almost any situation.
The addition of Swede-O was an easy decision as Aleva Stores continues to bulk up and build it to be the most optimal destination to purchase braces and supports.
The acquisition of was an important one for Aleva Stores, just as adding Swede-O to its inventory is. The four-plus million dollar inventory for Aleva Stores only continues to grow, as we provide a fresh idea on shopping for our consumers

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