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Aleva Stores Adds Dahlgren Socks To Its Online Stores

Refusing to slow down, Aleva Stores adds Dahlgren socks to its online stores. Dahlgren began in 1978 and was founded by Ray and Diane Dahlgren. Together, they went on to develop a sock that keeps the feet cool and dry during high-performance activities.

As time went on, Dahlgren continued to evolve in how they made their socks, but their commitment to quality remained the same. Dahlgren also promises to ensure all production on the Dahlgren line remains in the United States.

Dahlgren is known for its effective Dri-Stride Technology. Simply put, it absorbs moisture, transfers it, and then evaporates the moisture. With its patented Wicking Rings and Wicking Channels in the Transfer Zone, the rate and quantity of moisture removal is increased by 40 percent from the Absorption Zone in the toe and heel.

Dahlgren combines superfine alpaca and merino wool in order to provide all-day resilience. This way, your foot will remain cushioned throughout the entire day. Alpaca is three times more durable than worsted wool and 10 times more insulative.

Every style of a Dahlgren sock is engineered for optimal fit, performance and comfort. When it comes to design, function, and technology, Dahlgren is a go-to choice for a sock that works for you.

Dahlgren socks are available in three series – Casual Series, Outdoor Series, and Winter Series. The Casual Series is full of socks that can be worn everyday; the Outdoor Series contains socks you can wear wherever an adventure takes you; and the Winter Series is full of socks to keep you warm while you’re out in the cold.

The Dahlgren line can be found on the latest site launched by Aleva Stores,

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