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Ways to Promote Leg Health

STEP 1 - Avoid sitting or standing for long periods of time. Exercises, especially walking, contracts and relaxes the calf muscles. The regular contraction and relaxation of these muscles act like a “second heart” as the veins are alternately squeezed and released, causing blood to be pushed towards the heart, thereby improving blood flow.

STEP 2 - When it is necessary to sit or stand for a long time, rock your feet up and down. This exercise simulates the beneficial effects of walking and promotes venous circulation.

STEP 3 - Elevate your feet. Elevating your feet above the level of the heart several times each day helps venous blood fight the effects of gravity.

STEP 4 - Avoid excessive heat, such as sunbathing and very hot baths. Heat dilates veins, reducing effective circulation and increasing the pooling of blood.

STEP 5 - Control your weight. Excess weight burdens the entire circulatory system.

STEP 6 - Wear graduated compression socks and stockings to improve venous circulation to prevent and treat venous problems.

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