Sigvaris SOS-Slip On Applicator –
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Sigvaris SOS-Slip On Applicator

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SKU: 585S500

The easy way to put on and pull up compression stockings. The Sigvaris SOS Applicator is 15 inches high and 10 inches wide.

Instructions For Use:

  1. Pull the stocking over the semi-circle between the handles of the applicator. It is recommended to use rubber gloves to protect the stocking during this step. Be sure the heel of the stocking faces you at the rear of the semi-circle.
  2. Gently pull the applicator backward from your leg and free of the stocking. Be sure the heel of the stocking aligns with the heel of your foot, and adjust the length of the stocking using the palms of your hands. Smooth out any wrinkles. If you are using a footslip, remove it at this time.
  3. Insert foot in the semi-circle until the heel of foot is resting on the floor. Grasp both handles of the applicator and gently pull up until the applicator and stocking are slight above your calf.